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Post by Icytherabbit1 on Wed Jan 21, 2015 5:46 pm

Name: Icy
Gender: Female
Species: Buneary
Job: Shopkeepr of the bank, item storage and Evolution item shop. Also is a part time guild apprentice

Level: 6
Battle Style: Fast physical attacker
Ability: Run away
~Ice Punch

Personality: Icy is well known around the town as being adorable. She's positive and can be a bit naive at times. However she is very responsible and runs not 1, not 2, but 3 shops while also working as a part time guild member. She can be very hard on herself at times when she screws up or makes a major mistake. Icy also is very smart but a bit of an airhead. One flaw is her need attention at times as she hates being ignored. She also can be seen as annoying to certain types of people

Likes: Friends, her sister, shiny stuff, helping others, being adorable, being complemented, hopping, being loved and argued over(she finds it cute), carrots

Dislikes: Fights, those who don't listen, being ignored, being openly disliked, messing up, watermelon, stuff in her fluff, being replaced, someone copying her

History: Icy grew up in a rather wealthy house hold and was the perfect child every parent dreams of. She was smart, kind, did her work and went on to become quite a little heartbreaker. She was always noted as the weird one in her class and had many friends, but only a couple few who she actually hung out with and invited over. Icy struggled figuring out what she wanted to do once she got a bit older and decided to travel in order to figure it out. She now lives in Poketta Sun Town and works her multi-store as well as explore the world further in the Zebstrika Army Guild

Other: Icy is very gullible and will do anything for carrots. She will perform quests with you and even may slip you a special deal at her shop for a couple of them Wink

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