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Post by shadowjourney15 on Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:54 pm

As a side note, I'm working on these characters for my PMD fanfic, so I apologize if they're not all completely thought out yet. Smile

Name: Journey/Kyrie
Gender: Girl :3
Species: Pikachuu~!
Job: Proud Guild member, the co-leader of Team Chaos

Level: 5
Battle Style: Gotta go fast! ;D
Ability: Lightening Rod! Absorb all that Electricity!
Moves (what are your four moves? New Pokemon start with two of their level one moves and one egg move. This will be updated as you RP)
~[Move slot 4]

Personality: Generally quiet, but gets excited and over-dramatic pretty easily, especially around her friends. So her mood can change rapidly depending on the situation. She has a quite a few secret regrets and burdens, but tries her best to put on a brave/silly front for her friends so the team stays strong, if only for Shadow/Thomas' sake too.

Likes: Protecting her friends, exploring and finding treasure, playing hero, ancient fables and lore.

Dislikes: Not being able to protect her friends, bullies, being told what to do by Pokemon she doesn't like.

History: She's a human turned Pokemon that teamed up with Grovyle and later Shadow to save the world from the Time Gear crisis and helped defeat Darkrai and his evil plot to turn the whole world into a nightmare. Her Team, Team Chaos, joined and later graduated Wigglytuff's Guild and left in search of new discoveries and came upon Zebstrika Army Guild one late afternoon. (If this isn't acceptable, I can change it slightly and make them like the reincarnation of the original two)

Other: She's kind of shy, so it takes her awhile to warm up to some people.

Name: Shadow
Gender: Male
Species: Riolu
Job: Guild member, Journey/Ky's partner, leader of Team Chaos

Level: 5
Battle Style: Aggressive and quick on my feet
Ability: Steadfast
Moves (what are your four moves? New Pokemon start with two of their level one moves and one egg move. This will be updated as you RP)
~Quick Attack
~Sky Uppercut (Egg move)
~[Move slot 4]

Personality: Shadow has a serious, "no-goofing-off" kind of attitude, most notably opposite of Journey's silly, friendly attitude. Once he gets to know someone though, then he shows a more calm, loyal side of him.

Likes: Battling tough opponents, exploring with Journey, mysteries.

Dislikes: Losing against non-honorable opponents, outlaws, wasted efforts, being told what to do.

History: He left his clan in search of the illustrious Wigglytuff's Guild. He found Journey on the beach and they both created their Team, Team Chaos, together and joined Wigglytuff's Guild, later graduating. His history is essentially the same as Journey's, as they both went through the same miracles and ordeals together.

Other: N/A

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