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Outside of battle abilities Empty Outside of battle abilities

Post by Icytherabbit1 on Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:26 pm

Here is where you can find the info and conditions on special abilities outside of battle

~Pick Up- Pokemon may find a new item every two pages per thread. These items include  random berries, small jewels(which can be exchanged for money) and  accessories. You cannot pick up evolution items like  Soothe belle and dubious Disk

~Sticky Hold- this pokemon is immune to thieves and cannot be stolen from. If thieves attempt to steal from them, they will automatically fail and be OHKOed  on site by the guild.

~Suction Cups- pokemon with this ability can prevent pokemon from escaping. Very hard to steal from (must be a higher level to steal from a pokemon with this ability)

~Arena Trap- enemy pokemon cannot run from pokemon with this ability. Must fight in order to escape

~Cute Charm- gives pokemon with this ability the ability to bargain in markets. Only works on opposite gender vendors. They get 25% off on opposite gender shopkeeper's shops (Example: A female skitty with cute charm can only bargain for lower prices with male shopkeepers)

~Illuminate- can light up caves and dungeons making them easier to navigate. However you are more prone to wild pokemon

~Harvest- Pokemon have an everlasting berry, however this can only be applied to one berry at a time.

~Intimidate- less prone to wild pokemon. Gets 10% off at all stores

~Magnet Pull- Steel type pokemon cannot escape from another pokemon with this ability. Great for thieves and when on missions with the right pokemon

~Pressure- can get any and all truth out of other pokemon. Gets 10% off at all stores.

~Quick Feet- speed and wits increase when under a status condition. Allows pokemon to be smarter and quicker when confronted and think more rationally

~Sand Veil-  pokemon is near invisible in a sandstorm. Sandstorm must be quenched before pokemon with this ability can be confronted.

~Snow Cloak- pokemon is near invisible in hail. Hail must be quenched before pokemon with this ability can be confronted.

~Static- can paralyze other pokemon upon an intentional touch. Ground types are immune to a calm touch (Example: Static pokemon taps ground type in a town setting as a prank, then it won't work). However when in a battle setting where the Static pokemon's electricity is intensified, then ground types can be paralyzed

~Stench- less prone to wild pokemon. Can cause fairy and grass type pokemon to faint upon confrontation

~Swarm- more prone to wild pokemon. However pokemon with this ability cannot be snuck up on and can sense others presences

~Synchronize- have natural ability to connect with other pokemon easier. Are very influential to the point that it's like they can affect someone's nature at that time

~White Smoke- less prone to wild pokemon. Generates a fog like atmosphere when in a steamy or humid area

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