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Post by Icytherabbit1 on Wed Jan 21, 2015 8:05 am

Please read these before participating in the RP AND creating your character!

1. DO NOT begin role playing until AFTER your character has been approved. Certain guild class spots will be open and there will only be a certain number for those spots. Don't worry you shouldn't have to wait long and if you're feeling impatient just quickly email me

2. Please try to limit yourself to 1-3 characters. I generally like having one but I won't stop you if you want more then that Smile

3. Do not EVER Godmod. God modding is when you attempt to control someone else's character and you have no right to do so. If you see Godmodding then report it. If YOU were Godmodding you will get three warnings before you get banned. Please understand

4. Please respect all the members on this board. (This shouldn't have to be a rule...self explanatory)

5. Advertising should not be seen. Don't come on here to just tell people to subscribe to them on YouTube or retweet my tweets. If you REALLY need to advertise, then pm me or another mod asking and I'll see if it's approprite... -_-

6. I'm going to say to keep this at a PG-12 level. This means no swearing words other then damn and suck. I'll allow these because they're used so often now it seems an 8 year old could say it without getting yelled at :\

7. Please do not beg or ask or be a mod. If I believe one should be a mod then I'll make them a mod but do not keep pestering me about being one >:<

8. To ensure you read the rules please put the term 'JacobAsAlways' after you have completed your application post.

9. TRY TO BE ACTIVE! DO NOT JUST DISAPPEAR! If you're going to be leaving for a period of time please let me know

10. I know you all know proper grammar show try not to excessively use short terms while rping. It gets aggravating.

11. Do not troll or openly provoke other members. It's not nice and can lead to instant banning. Unless it's being used in a fun and joking manner that is..

Character Creation Rules

1. Your character must have an English spelt name. No Japanese characters should be used in your character's name. The name can be from ANY country or language however Smile

2. You must start as the base form of whatever pokemon you decide to be. No starting out as a grotle when you should be starting as a turtwig. If you wish to evolve, you must either train or have been a member long enough to earn your status of evolution. Also you cannot be a legendary. While on that topic, please note that any legendary encounters will be handled through mods unless permission is given otherwise.

3. All characters will start at level five unless mod gives you permission otherwise. The leveling in battle system is listed Here

4. If your Pokemon evolves via a process other then level up, then you must obtain an item in order to evolve. For example if you're a riolu, a Pokemon that evolves through happiness, then you must obtain a soothe belle to evolve

5. Your Pokemon cannot be a different color unless it is shiny.

6. Please have your character history be plausible but also doesn't scream marysue.

7. You may start with TWO base moves and ONE egg move. All moves MUST be possible for the Pokemon. If you want TM moves then you must either obtain them as quest prizes or buy them

8. Abilities must be possible for the Pokemon and Dream World abilities are allowed. Abilities that have affect outside of battle (Example: Pickup) will apply outside of battles. However if you do have one of these abilities then don't overuse their power to get items you want. Pickup only picks up berries, leftovers, and small jewels that can be exchanged for small amounts of money

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