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Post by Icytherabbit1 on Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:38 pm

Name: Steven
Gender: male
Species: Chikorita

Battle style: Fast, weak attacks but average in other stats.
Job: Guild member

Level: 5
Battle Style: prefers to fight with rapid, albeit weak attacks
Ability: Overgrow
Move set:

Personality: He is very motivated sometimes to a fault/not knowing when to give up. However he's very adventurous and easily distracted. He left home when it was destroyed by a forest fire. He wants to meet celebi to learn what caused the fire and possibly stop it.

Likes: He likes dense forests.
Dislikes: He is terrified of fire.
History: Was born in a village in a forest he left when it was destroyed by a forest fire with an unknown cause. A few months later he discovered the zebstrika army guild and figured they could help him gain the skills he needed. And he thought it would be fun too.

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